3 Creative Ways to Attract New Customers

By: Brittany Winfield

When it comes to attracting new customers, the first step should be to establish a target market. It drives me nuts when clients say that “everyone” is their ideal customer. If it was that easy to market to everyone, I would be out of a job! Focusing on a niche demographic will allow you to be more strategic in your social media and marketing plan, so you aren’t wasting money on advertising to people who would never step into the store.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

I tell my clients to close their eyes and picture the door swinging open to their store. Who do they imagine walking through the door?

Once you have a target market established, you can then try these 3 creative ways to attract them to your business:

1. Guest star on a niche podcast.

There is now a podcast for every interest and hobby. During quarantine, my sister and I even started our own show, LadyProbs, as a way to pass the time. As of 2020, 55% of consumers in the United States listened to audio podcasts and that percentage continues to grow each year. If you find a show that the listening market matches your target demographic, it would be a good chance to put yourself in their ears. Even if you aren’t able to directly advertise during the show, you may be able to ask the host for a business shout out at the beginning and end of the show or on their social media posts.

2. Join local Facebook groups.

Groups on Facebook make it so easy to network with industry professionals and other local businesses. Depending on their rules, most community groups will allow you to share posts from your business profile to the discussion board. Liking and commenting on other business posts also help create a culture of togetherness among the small businesses. Not only does this connect you with your neighbors, it helps your business and brand stay at the forefront of their minds when shopping in town.

3. Research blog and magazine call for submissions.

Just like your business’s social media plan, blogs and magazines need content. They will often have a period called a “Call for Submissions,” where they accept stories for publication. That is your chance to plead your case as to why you and your work should be featured. Other publications have the contact information for the business editor on their website. These are opportunities to showcase your talents and, more importantly, your hard work. And you may just get some free publicity out of it!

As more business owners start to arrive on the scene, the ones who stay prevalent and creative in their advertising strategies. The Winfield Creative is here to help take the work off your shoulders so you can focus on all of your new customers.

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