4 Tricks to Taking Stellar Product Photos That Sell

Updated: Aug 17

There are 4 simple tricks that you can use to up your content photo game…

…and yes, you can even use your phone! 📱

1. Background.

Make sure your background is clutter-free. Use contrasting or neutral colors to give your products that extra POP 🤌

Close-up photograph of latte art
Photo by Brittany Winfield

2. Staging.

Set the scene! Give your customers a preview of how they can use your product in their everyday lives

Close-up photo of seasoning with food on the grill in background
Photo by Brittany Winfield

3. Lighting.

Natural light is everything in photography. If you’re taking photos from your store, figure out when the rays brighten up your space the most and use that time to take your content photos

No windows? Try to capture some outside or invest in a ring light 💡

Close-up photo of colorful cocktail in front of red and purple wall
Photo by Brittany Winfield

4. Texture.

Remember that it quickens the shopper’s buying decision when they can envision themselves using the product, so showing off the texture of the product increase your chances of making the sale. Not only does this show off your craftsman skills, but also gives definition for a better quality photo 🤳

Close-up photo of hand-made necklace pendants
Photo by Brittany Winfield

Need some more inspiration? Here are more of my favorite product photos that I’ve taken over the past few years 😊

Photo of omelette and sausage with a cat in background
Photo by Brittany Winfield

Close-up photo of strawberry in bright sunlight
Photo by Brittany Winfield

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