5 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Updated: Aug 18

The marketing world is forever changing, but there are strategies that you can implement today to maximize engagement in order to turn posts into profits 💰

1️⃣ Create a marketing budget: This is especially important for new businesses, because the first step in the marketing funnel is brand awareness. Building that initial clientele takes time (and money) to put your brand in front of them. Having a budget set aside for marketing helps you turn leads into sales faster, whether that be spending $50 on targeted ads on Facebook or budgeting 6 hours per week for direct communications with potential customers

2️⃣ Determine your target market: If I ask you who your ideal customer is, and you respond “everyone,” I need you to try this exercise…. Close your eyes and picture the perfect customer/client walking through your door. They can afford your rates without complaint, they are responsive and genuinely happy to develop a partnership with you, they can’t wait to go home and tell all of their friends about your business… who did you dream of? 👀 Write everything you can about them and aim to connect with people just like that

3️⃣Research market and generate plan: To stay on top of current trends, you’ve got to stay in the loop. What are other industry leaders doing to stay relevant? How can you take inspiration from other content and really make it your own so that way your personality shines through?

4️⃣ Be consistent and committed: Once you find that unique groove that is special to your brand - run with it 🏃‍♀️

5️⃣ Engage your audience: Use interactive methods to involve your audience with your business, allowing you to form that connection even across a screen. Don’t be afraid to reply to comments, message other businesses, and ask the audience to get involved. It’s an opportunity to show off your fun, creative, and empathetic side!

The Winfield Creative is always there to your guide ✨

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