You've Got Mail: Gaining Newsletter Subscribers

Updated: Jan 4

By: Brittany Winfield

Sending an email newsletter to your customers can help build a relationship with them. If they give you something, like their email address, they will expect something with value in return, whether that be useful information or a discount they could put to use. For example, when you sign up for The Winfield Creative’s newsletter, you can instantly find a free content planner and calendar in your inbox. Generating a newsletter contact list allows you to share when the business has new products or services, quickly deliver general updates, or if you want to get really fancy, send sales announcements with coupon codes.

If you use a point-of-sale (POS) payment system in your store, it is easy to start collecting information to generate a contact list. Systems like Square let you collect both email addresses and birthdays so you can automate sending messages to customer’s celebrating that month. If you don’t have a POS system, don’t fret! You can always manually collect customer information by asking for it at the register, writing it down, then building your contact list using websites like Mailchimp. (It even has a free account option!)

Already have a newsletter going? That’s awesome! Comment the link to sign up below so I can check it out!

Now, let’s take this lesson back a step. When you write your newsletter, you are creating content. And the first lesson they teach you in marketing school is to create content that entertains, informs, convinces, and inspires. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to move forward in your planning to create more engaging communications.

Remember to keep your newsletter templates consistent and clean. According to Campaign Monitor, 47% of consumers read their emails on their mobile devices, with only 26% sitting down to their desktop computers. Using too many images and videos may not load on the device, so keep it minimal. Instead, use bullet points, divider lines, and a catchy headline to keep them reading. If you have too much information, making your newsletter overbearingly longgg, send them more frequently! You can even batch your newsletter creation and schedule them for future dates - making your life easier!

Don’t know where to start? The Winfield Creative has got you covered. We offer email marketing packages to fit your vision, brand, and budget.

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