If you have been wondering how to get ChatGPT to do the work for you,Ā keep reading šŸ‘‡

All the tools you need to make the robots do the work!

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, thisĀ minicourse is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and prompts to leverage ChatGPT effectively in your marketing strategies.


1 hour ofĀ webinarĀ = 6+ hours saved in marketing planning


We are going to explore how artificial intelligence revolutionizes content planning, design, and narratives throughout the entirety your marketing plan. You'll gain practical insights, strategies, andĀ prompts to master AI-driven content creation for your social media channel, blog, podcast, website, and more!

And don't forget to download your new ChatGPT Prompt List - included in the purchase price!

Adapting to the AI World is valued at $99 and includes:

šŸ¤– aĀ 7-module minicourseĀ toĀ explain step-by-stepĀ prompts you need to startĀ using the free version of ChatGPT today

šŸ¤– a comprehensive list of 50+ ChatGPT prompts to guide your marketing planningĀ 

šŸ¤–Ā plus,Ā this purchase is also *tax deductible* šŸ˜


What You'll Learn


Lesson 1: Welcome toĀ Adapting to an AI World

  • Rise of the Robots
  • The Benefits of AI
  • The Challenges of AI

Lesson 2:Ā AI and Marketing Plans

  • The Content Funnel
  • Prompts for the Pipeline
  • Chain Prompting 101

Lesson 3:Ā Wrap Up

  • What's Next?