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From creating, to posting, to hashtagging, to engaging - it's a lot! We create visuals that make your brand stand out through the usage of colors and texture in graphics and photos.

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Want to start a Facebook or Instagram profile for your business? We set you up for success with full accounts with information that will enhance your search engine optimization and bonus graphics for posting your first week.

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Whether you need a simple site or an entire inventory upload for your online store we make sure that your vision shines through the screen. Search engine optimization is available for an additional cost.

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Social media is not always reliable, but with an email list, you can still relay important information and announcements to your customers. We work with you to collect emails, build branded templates, and send routine communications.

Why hire a creative agency?

Small business owners need to spend between 6-10 hours per week on their marketing strategy to see revenue growth. If you consider all of the other responsibilities needing attention, like inventory, employee management, storefront maintenance, hiring, etc. - that time and energy adds up!

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Marketing is more than just publishing a website and posting once and a while on social media. To really see results and engagement from followers, a plan needs to be created and implemented properly. This means:

  • Researching currently trending keywords, music, and content

  • Designing and creating the content using exciting photos, visuals, colors, and text

  • Using relevant hashtags that will help your posts reach viewers in your target demographic

  • Engaging with profiles similar to yours in order to reach new consumers and make them aware of your product and services

  • Analyzing data insights and making adjustments to the plan over time

Hiring a full-time marketing manager can be pricey, with the average salary costing over $66,000 annually, plus benefits. Working with a digital marketing agency, like The Winfield Creative, can save you money in the long-run and allow you to reach consumers faster. Plus, it is all *tax deductible*

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Elevate your digital presence...

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